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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you train?Joanne Nasir Artwork
We currently work across Northern Australia for a variety of clients.  We believe the unique training we provide is so significant we would like as many Indigenous Australians to have access to this learning.  Therefore, we will travel to remote, rural or urban contexts across Australia to deliver to your participants and workers.

Who is this training for?
The Rise Up Program is for everyone - Indigenous participants, workers or students. 
The Program facilitates Indigenous people’s thinking about their future, where they want to be and the changes that are needed to move in the direction of their aspirations.   The Rise Up Program can be customised to include your specific needs.

Why should we use your services?
If you want training which is meaningful, culturally relevant, thought provoking, challenging, engaging and highly interactive then our services are for you.  We make the link and build the bridge between your school, business or organisation’s needs and the participants understanding and knowledge of what is expected.
We understand that the learning needs to be explicit and specific to ensure consolidation of the learning concepts and workplace expectations.

Are there other training providers?
Yes, there are others and all of us may deliver similar topics, however we believe this is an opportunity to provide consolidation and reinforcement in nurturing a new way of thinking that Indigenous people need.  
As Aboriginal course designers and Aboriginal trainers we believe in our product and service delivery.
We guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

Why are we unique?
We are a 100% Indigenous owned and managed business.
We have Indigenous course designers and Indigenous trainers.
We develop, design, deliver,  monitor  and manage our services and training, to ensure a continual improvement cycle. 

What is the cost?
Consideration must be given to the uniqueness and specialisation of our business and the customised approach.
We have qualified and experience Indigenous trainers who undertake all of the required tasks.
We have a future-focused and community development approach that leads to open dialog and meaningful conversations and we are dedicated to empowering Indigenous Australians to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.